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Red Flags to Look out for When suspecting Autism

  Resources Here are resources to find out more information about Autism Spectrum Disorders : –The materials exchange page has great handouts for teachers and parents to work on with students. has great blogs that are supportive, informative, and helpful.  There are blogs and many topics from people, family, and friends living with autism spectrum disorders. has great handouts that are informative for parent and teachers, not only of children with autism but with other disabilities. Red Flags to Look Out For…. Lack of eye contact Reduced receptive and  expressive language No response to name being called, it could be as if the child is not listening or appears to be deaf Flapping, rocking, or spinning especially when excited Repetitive movements with body parts or objects such as shaking a hand in front of his/her face or waving a pencil in front of his/her face Loss